Total War Saga: Troy was Killed by 7.5 million players


Already at full price, Total War Saga: Troy is a success in its first 24 hours, remaining one year exclusively with the Epic Games Store.

As we have been reporting this week, during last Thursday and a few hours yesterday Friday Total War Saga: Troy was available to download completely free from the Epic Games Store. After this promotion, surely today there will be many players enjoying the latest installment of the famous strategy franchise by Creative Assembly, as it was downloaded by no less than 7.5 million players.

This was announced by Sega in an official note, reaching an unprecedented agreement with Epic Games according to which the game would be available completely free during its first 24 hours on the market. “We were optimistic, but we couldn’t have anticipated this level of excitement,” said Rob Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer. “It has been amazing working with Epic to release this installment for free. We now welcome many new and veteran players to strategy to experience this incredible saga. We are very happy”.

After this promotion, Total War Saga: Troy is available in the digital store of the creators of Fortnite at a price of 49.99 euros, also having a temporary exclusivity until nothing less than the summer of 2021, when it will also arrive on Steam.

One of the most prolific IPs in the strategy

Total War Saga: Troy represents one more installment of a franchise that has multiple iterations, and with which Creative Assembly has experimented not only in historical times such as the rise of the Roman Empire, medieval times or Feudal Japan, but also with the Warhammer fiction. Such has been the level that the British study has reached with it that Microsoft trusted them to carry out Halo Wars 2, with an excellent result. However, there is no need to pigeonhole this team into a single genre, as they were also able to create a more than remarkable survival horror with Alien Isolation, released in 2014 and being one of the most praised horror games of the present generation. .


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