Total Chaos: mod turns DOOM 2 into root survival horror


Modder Wadaholic shared on his official Mod DB platform the definitive version of Total Chaos, a survival horror that works like a DOOM 2 mod, but completely changes the game experience by bringing a survival horror proposal with new textures, graphic details , atmosphere, narrative and more.

According to the creator, the development of the game started in 2004, when Wadaholic was challenged to turn DOOM 2 into a really scary game. Thus, already a fanatic about the franchise and responsible for producing numerous copyright maps, the modder accepted the joke and decided to start the project that would soon become revolutionary.

For that, he used all the power of the GZDoom engine, a port that is capable of offering technologies that were not readily available when the original title was released, in 1994. In this way, it was possible to reconstruct practically the entire game from scratch, adding support for dynamic lighting, sloping floors, skyboxes and other things that no one even thought could be rendered, including a Silent Hill atmosphere, spooky effects and sinister scenarios.

Total Chaos is a classic survival horror set on a remote island known as Fort Oasis. “The island was once managed by a community of coal miners that one day suddenly disappeared, leaving the abandoned concrete jungle behind to waste,” says the description. “Something clearly went very wrong with this place. Upon your arrival at Fort Oasis, you receive a strange radio broadcast. Someone wants to be found.”

To learn more about Total Chaos, just access the official Mod DB page, where you can find the description, files and more details of the project.


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