Toshiba Launches Lifestyle Division of Home Appliances in Brazil


This Monday (2), Toshiba announced that it is bringing its Lifestyle home appliance line to Brazil with the Freench Door ConvertZone refrigerator, the Greatwaves washing machine and the SmartPlate microwave. The company also informed that it intends to expand the portfolio of this product category throughout the year.

The 638 L Freench Door has 26 compartments, with six freezer shelves (190 L), plus flexible zones with temperature and space adjustments. In total, there are three independent refrigeration systems that deliver cold air to each compartment.

The product also has an area with ConvertZone technology, which allows an adjustment from -18ºC to 7ºC to be used as a freezer, refrigerator, brewery or even space for fruits and vegetables. To avoid unwanted smells, it has a deodorizer that eliminates bacteria, prevents mold and purifies the air.


The 11 and 12.5 kg Toshiba GreatWaves Wash & Dry uses the Great Waves initiative to save on washing and preserve the color of the garment. The Quick Wash function promises to clean half a kilo of clothes in 12 minutes. See the Inmetro seal below to assess the consumption of the washer — valid for the 11 kg version.

However, the Japanese brand also released a video to expose the technical and design peculiarities of the appliance. The product also has a touch panel with 12 washing and drying options, in addition to temperature and centrifuge control, among others.


The 27 L and 35 L SmartPlate microwave has pre-programmed recipes and a grill function to preserve details such as food crispness — unique to the MM2-EG35PA(MR) and MM2-EG35PB(MR) models. The product also always returns containers, such as mugs and bowls, to the initial position, facilitating removal. It has an Eco function for energy saving and the “Baby Care”, which sterilizes baby bottles and pacifiers for the little ones.

The products are already available from physical resellers and e-commerce platforms. The company also returned this year to the screen and television market in Brazil in a partnership with Multilaser and Hisense.


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