Torrent Elden Ring used to attack


The magic horse Elden Ring Torrent is already the main contender for the title of the best video game horse of all time thanks to its double jump, but at some point in the development of the game, it seems that the Torrent also had its own attack.

This discovery was made by the popular YouTuber Soulsborne Witch Zully, who regularly finds interesting details and oddities in games such as Dark Souls, and now in the Elden Ring. When it comes to the Torrent, it seems that the horse has several unused animations, including a powerful kick back. As shown in the Zullie the Witch video, the attack can still attack enemies after activation and even launch them into the air.

It’s unclear why the Torrent attack was removed from the final game, but Zulli suggests it may just be because the attack is impractical. Since the attack uses two of the Torrent’s hind legs, players will need to, in fact, substitute the Torrent to the enemy in the opposite direction in order to level the blow. The Torrent kick is also mostly useless against larger opponents as they cannot be launched, which means there is no particular reason to use a kick instead of weapon attacks from a horse. Although Torrent cannot use his attack in the final version of Elden Ring, the attack can still be seen in the game, as there are several enemies on horseback, such as the Royal Knight Loretta, who use the foot attack for potentially devastating attacks. effect.

Double whammy isn’t the only unused animation for Torrent that can still be found in the Elden Ring files. Other animations include that the Torrent can eat grass and shake its mane, which could mean that the Torrent could have existed independently of the player at some point during development.

Elden Ring recently received its first major post-launch patch, which weakened various popular abilities such as Hoarfrost Stomp, as well as the powerful Mimic Tear summon. At the moment, more than 12 million copies of Elden Ring have been sold, and GameSpot’s Elden Ring review calls the game “a masterpiece of open-world design based on player research and actions.”