Tori Roloff from LPBW talks about the “hard day” of working motherhood: “These are all small things, but they add up”


Preserving reality. Tori Roloff spoke about the difficulties of combining work and parenting after a difficult 24 hours.

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“Ugh. Today was a bit of a hard day for me,” the 31—year-old star of “Little People,” “Big World” wrote in her Instagram story on Sunday, August 7. “I hate when the day starts well (I went to the gym and drank coffee alone). ), but all day I felt overexcited.”

The reality TV star added that she felt “overwhelmed” with all the work tasks she needed to complete, and also tried to clean the house. “And then I felt like I wasn’t spending as much time as I wanted with my kids or my husband,” the TLC personality continued.

The Oregon native and her husband, Zach Roloff, have a son, Jackson, 5, and a daughter, Laila, 2. Their third child, son Josiah, was born in April.

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Tori further told subscribers that her messy day “ended with Jackson making a red choice (to be honest, it was a rare case for him) and he had to miss funny things with his father.” To add insult to injury, she also thinks the family’s dishwasher is broken.

“These are all small things, but they add up,” she concluded. “All of us moms get overly excited and irritated. I don’t know why I’m writing this, but I hope you know that you’re not alone.”

The Roloffs spent the summer adjusting to life as a family of five, sharing photos of the entire team celebrating July 4th and relaxing in the sun. In June, the couple announced that their youngest had been diagnosed with achondroplasia, the same form of dwarfism as 32-year-old Zack and their older children.

“He’s Josiah. He has achondroplasia, but he’s not like Josiah, achondroplasia,” Zach said in an exclusive interview with Us Weekly at the time, explaining that the diagnosis of the baby determines not only him.

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Tori added: “Like Tori, I have brown hair. I’m not a brunette—type, I wouldn’t classify myself that way.”

The duo, who married in 2015, also noted that their family is well prepared to cope with the diagnosis, as Zack’s parents, Amy and Matt Roloff, also suffer from achondroplasia.

“It’s so normal for us,” Tori told Us in June. “We have so many resources, and there are a lot of parents who don’t have the same resources and… don’t have the same confidence in everything Zack and I do.”


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