Torchlight 3, analysis: a new ARPG halfway


We analyze Torchlight 3 on PC, the next installment in a saga that adds little depth to its story, but manages to maintain the essence of its genre.

The Torchlight saga began in 2009 with a team of veterans from the Blizzard Entertainment company, who wanted to create an ARPG series modeled after the Diablo. Echtra Games managed to make these new games a niche in the action role-playing genre, but something new was already missing. And it is that eight years have passed since the launch of Torchlight 2 and the path to Torchlight 3 has been a bit of a problem. It originally began to be developed as Torchlight Frontiers, an RPG destined for a Free to Play shared world, but it was not very convincing and the team decided to change gears. Its evolution has continued and initially remained for a long period in early access, and starting on October 13, players were able to experience the latest and long-awaited installment.

Torchlight 3, an empty story

Torchlight 3 takes place a century after the conclusion of Torchlight 2, the empire of Ember is in decline and luckily Nosvastria needs our help. We will once again face the threat of an invasion, face future challenges and defeat all the enemies that stand in our way in a matter of minutes. The story was never the greatest attraction of this adventure, it presents a not very enthusiastic narration and vaguely captures that essence of the story of the last game, you may even sometimes not understand the reason for the development of the plot. Of course, in Torchlight 3 we will have a wide repertoire of difficulty levels, which will allow us to challenge ourselves and adjust to our experience. The most difficult modes will be turned into complicated challenges, even if the rewards are better. However, the normal mode will remain the ‘easy’ mode in boss fights, as long as we keep our reflexes fast and adapt to their combat pace.

The initial challenge: create your character

In this installment we are given the opportunity to choose between four types of characters with very basic and simple customization options. They will be totally different classes and some of them may become the strangest thing you can find, these are: Precision Shooter, Twilight Mage, Forged and Master Machinist (their names in English sound more attractive). Each class has its own unique aesthetic and skills that will really identify and illustrate it quite well, and we can also find the one that best suits our needs. For example, the precision shooter will attack with a combination of ranged weapons and magical gadgets that release powerful spirits or, on the other hand, the forged will become a true mechanical marvel with the soul of a hero, where we can attack with a cannon that carries equipped, as well as having a host of powerful melee attacks.


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