Top Readers: The 10 Best Horror Series


Remember the Top of Readers board, which started last week with your 10 favorite superhero series? Yeah, he came back!

Now, it’s time to make things a little more scary. Last weekend, we asked on our Instagram (@tec_mundo) which horror series you like the most in celebration of Halloween!

Well, the series The Curse of the Hill Residence, from Netflix, took the cup with 33.7% of the votes. The anthological horror program currently has two seasons and has brought a new way of making terror on the small screens, incorporating drama as a central element of the narrative.

Check the complete list with the results:

  • The Curse of the Hill Residence – 32 votes – 33.70%
  • American Horror Story – 22 votes – 23.15%
  • Supernatural – 18 votes – 18.90%
  • Lovecraft Country – 8 votes – 8.40%
  • Marianne – 6 votes – 6.30%
  • The Walking Dead – 4 votes – 4.20%
  • The Curse of the Bly Mansion – 3 votes – 3.15%
  • Scream – 2 votes – 2.10%

What’s up? Did you like the list? Missing a title? Leave your favorite horror series in the comments and make us a theme suggestion for the next Top of Readers!

Don’t forget to follow TecMundo’s Instagram (@tec_mundo) so you don’t miss a vote. See you there!

About the Top of Readers board

The Top of Readers board consists of a poll that airs during some weekends on TecMundo’s official Instagram (@tec_mundo). There, we asked our readers what their favorite series, characters or genres are. The results will always be posted here on Minha Série. Just comment and cheer!


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