Top Gun: The Maverick Star Has a Funny Take On The Fact That He Didn’t Get a Naked Throw During a Football Scene


This summer, “The Best Shooter: Maverick” earned serious box office receipts, and although fans liked the film because of its nostalgic factor and cool scenes with fighters, there is another scene that also won their hearts. In the spirit of the original shirtless beach volleyball scene, the 2022 film had its own beach scene in which fans became the stars of the film. Jay Ellis, however, ditched his trademark shirtless shot during the episode, and he has a funny take on what he missed.

Jay Ellis, of course, does not hesitate to take off his clothes in front of the camera. He became completely nude for his role in Insecure and often appears shirtless in his roles. He does take off his shirt for the Top Gun: Maverick beach soccer scene, but he’s not being filmed in close-up like most of his colleagues on the set do. In an exclusive Insider interview, Ellis responded to the lack of showing of his pectoral muscles. It seems that the star perceives all this with a rather solid humor, as he is grateful for participating in the production, in which not too much attention is paid to his body. Here ‘s from his words:

No! I remember the first time I saw it and thought, “Ha. Wait! But then I had a moment when I realized that I had spent the last 6-7 years naked on TV. I’m glad that people recognize me in my clothes. This is new to me.

The star talked about being happy that he could now get some recognition for being fully clothed, but in the same interview he suggested that the rest of the cast might be happy that he didn’t get a revealing shirtless shot either. According to the star, he has surpassed the rest of the actors when it comes to looking good without a shirt. That’s what he says, exactly:

But I will also say, I realized that I look better than all of them without a shirt. What can I say? [Laughs] I don’t want to embarrass the biggest movie star in the world! That would be unfair to Tom. And Miles and Glen. Any of them. [Laughs] But to be honest, it didn’t bother me because it was the first time I thought I wasn’t a piece of meat after all.

While Jay Ellis clearly speaks with some humor here, I can’t help but sympathize with him when he says “Best Shooter: Maverick” has given him validation when it comes to the idea that he’s not just a “piece of meat” for film productions and audiences. While fans seem to enjoy watching it, it’s certainly not very pleasant for many performers.

Regardless of the reason Jay Ellis didn’t have a shirtless shot, it looks like it worked for everyone involved. Ellis was able to feel proud and comforted by the way he is portrayed in the film, and the press of other actors managed to prove themselves. Even a shirtless shot of Miles Teller went viral. Who knows, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if Ellis had outshone everyone.

If you haven’t been able to watch the movie yet, you may get a second chance, as some theaters are bringing back Top Gun: Maverick in a big way. Even if the sweaty shirtless scene doesn’t do it for you, the movie stands on its own as a really enjoyable sequel to the OG movie, and it’s totally worth watching.


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