Top Gun: Maverick Star talks about training before the scene on the beach without a shirt, recalls the hilarious moment when he heard his co-star Glen Powell whispering to himself


Tom Cruise’s “Best Shooter”: “Maverick” totally killed it at the box office, and there’s a certain shirtless beach scene that may have contributed to its success. (I mean, a lot of fans are still drooling over Miles Teller and company in the viral scene.) Maverick star Lewis Pullman has now shed some light on the cast’s preparation for an episode in which he wasn’t actually that naked. He also recalled the moment when he heard his co-star Glen Powell whispering a cheerful mantra under his breath.

Lewis Pullman plays Lieutenant “Bob” Floyd in the recently released box office hit, and his character is a little different from the fighter pilots we see in the movie. He’s a little more reserved and, frankly, a little nerdy. Some might have suggested that Bob’s personality could have influenced the creative decision to leave the character in a shirt during a football match on the beach. And in an interview with US Weekly, Pullman explained that this was really the reason he didn’t feel Floyd would be in character to take off his shirt. During the conversation, Pullman spoke in more detail about Bob’s thoughts regarding this scene. Here ‘s from his words:

The entire cast has been undergoing serious impulse battles to prepare for this scene. Everyone was working like crazy. I played Bob, who looks more like a library dweller. I thought, you know, I think it would be a little discordant if Bob took off his shirt and got a little torn. I also think Bob wouldn’t take his shirt off. I think it might be inconvenient for him. I think he’s a little more reserved, quiet guy. He likes to watch the development of events before he really intervenes in the situation. So I was one of the few who didn’t really hit.

It is already known that Tom Cruise subjected the cast of the film “The Best Shooter: Maverick” through the press, preparing for his roles. However, apparently Cruz didn’t need to encourage them to bust their asses in front of their shirtless beach soccer scene, because the weight of looking good on stage was enough pressure to get them to act.

In the same interview, Lewis Pullman recalled the moment when he heard Glen Powell, who plays the Executioner in the film, humming something to himself during a workout. (You really have to find your source of intrinsic motivation for this kind of thing, right?) And it’s hard not to cry just thinking about this statement:

I mean, I would go to the gym just out of camaraderie. Glen Powell, as you know, once did a few side swings and whispered something very intensely to himself. And I’m like, “Glen, what are you saying?” He’s like, “Editing lasts forever.”

To be honest, it sounds like the perfect meta-movie moment, and I would kill for an extended version of said montage in the director’s version. More realistically, a very real moment shows how much pressure the stars were under to look their best in a scene that turned out to be pretty damn iconic. So glory to them for committing. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if this scene doesn’t live in the minds of Top Gun fans for free for years, like the infamous volleyball scene from the original movie.

In fact, re-watching the original movie “The Best Shooter” is almost necessary before or after watching “Maverick” (one of the biggest new movie releases of 2022), if not for the pleasure of the shirtless scene, then just for comparison. Yes, definitely not for oil-pumped abs and shirtless beach scenes.