Top-Earning Crypto Coins of the Week


We can say that this week of our “Most Earning Crypto Money of the Week” series, where we examine the weekly earnings and losses of crypto currencies that are in the top 25 in terms of market value, is quite annoying.

Altcoins also took a heavy hit with the sharp declines in Bitcoin (BTC) this week. While the leading crypto currency closed the week with a loss of 11.67%, Ethereum (ETH), the largest altcoin, lost 14.88%.

The crypto money that made the investor smile and earned the most was Advanced Internet Blocks (AIB). The AIB performed well in the current market, gaining 274.22% this week.

Among the top 25 cryptocurrencies, another on the rise this week was TRON (TRX). TRX has not experienced such a rise in a long time. Closing the week with 17.85% gain in value, TRX succeeded in making its investors smile.

Chainlink (LINK) was the top loser of the week, which has performed well in recent weeks. While LINK closed the week with a 30.40% loss, it also erased its investor’s recent revenues. However, LINK’s loyal investor believes that cryptocurrency will rise again soon.

Other altcoins in the top 25 closed the week with a loss. Unfortunately, the decline in Bitcoin due to the pressure of the upcoming US elections on the markets, the effect of the pandemic and the intense pressure of the sellers, has deeply affected the whole market. The consolidation of Bitcoin again in a certain price range will create an opportunity for altcoins. As we all know, markets are highly affected by Bitcoin’s sudden ups and downs. For this reason, for the altcoin season to continue for a while, Bitcoin needs to be consolidated for a while.

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You can examine the weekly changes of crypto currencies in the top 25 in terms of market value in detail in the table below.


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