Top 6 Korean Drama Actors of 2019


The dramas of 2019 were full of magnificent stories that fell in love with each episode, do you know the most outstanding actors of these series?

This year has given us a great number of adventures through what we see in K-Dramas, but we must admit that the productions of the previous year were also incredible and so far we have not been able to overcome them. That is why we will remember some of the best Korean dramas of 2019 that stood out for having talented actors in their cast.

There are many ways to choose the K-Drama that you will see, by the theme or the scriptwriter who was in charge are some of them, but the most common is because Korean actors appear that we have already seen in other series and have fascinated us.

From now on, if you see these actors appear in a new K-Drama you should make sure to add them to your list, as they were part of some of the Korean dramas of 2019 that were very well received by the audience.


Ong Seong Wu by A moment at 18

A moment at 18 was a school romance drama that presents the story of several students with very diverse personalities. Joon Woo is a lonely boy, Soo Bin is a responsible girl who does not have much freedom, and Whi Young is a shy boy who tries to appear to be an image full of fortitude. All of them will have to face the day to day while they plan their future.

Kim Jae Wook for His Private Life

This 2019 Korean drama tells the story of Sung Duk Mi, a talented girl dedicated to repairing art pieces. Although he has a professional appearance, he hides a double life, as he is a cute fangirl in charge of a site dedicated to his favorite member of an idol group.

Lee Jae Wook for Extraordinary You

A comedy drama about Da Oh, a student suffering from a disease that will likely end his life before he is out of adolescence. Although it seems like a tragic fate, Da Oh discovers that he is actually a comic book character and decides to start writing his own destiny.

Jang Ki Yong by Search: WWW

This is one of the Korean dramas of 2019 that we have recommended to you on several occasions because it has many qualities. It tells the story of Ta Mi, a hardworking woman and an expert in what he does, one day he loses his job and must start working with the company that was his competition, but he will also discover that there is room for love in his life.

Lee Do Hyun for Hotel del Luna

It tells the story of a woman named Man Wol who after committing many crimes was punished by becoming the manager of the Hotel del Luna, a place where souls can rest before leaving for the other world.

Kang Ha Neul by When The Camellia Blooms

This 2019 Korean drama received multiple accolades for its story. Kang Ha Neul plays Hwang Yong Sik, a boy who falls in love with Dong Baek. He is the owner of a bar, but due to his lifestyle, he is frequently judged by others. However, love will knock on your door again.


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