Top 5 Minecraft 1.17 Seeds (July 2021)


Minecraft: We detail which are the best seeds for Minecraft 1.17 (July 2021) to discover a series of varied and interesting biomes to explore. We have been enjoying all the news that patch 1.17 has brought to Minecraft for a month now. New creatures, materials and much more join the game’s cubic universe, but as we continue our adventure we will realize that there is much more to see and play. As we did in the past months, May and June, it is time to present to you which are the best seeds of the present month. So you can discover 10 key locations in Minecraft thanks to a list of coordinates in which biomes or areas of interest await us to explore. Sand temples, snowy mountains, villages full of life, caves and much more.

The best seeds of Minecraft update 1.17 (July 2021)

Forest Temple
Seed: 2027137130838960293
Platform: Java
Key locations
Jungle Temple: -185105
Desert Village: 5 10
Plains People: 680 55
Taiga Town: 710-180
Fortress Staircase: 2324-364

Underwater monument
Seed: -2036761388
Platform: Bedrock
Key locations
Monument to the ocean with geode: -1144-1267
Fortress: -1100-1180
Taiga Village # 1: 90-1175
Taiga Village # 2: 180-1135
Shipwreck: -1080-1600

Villa de las arenas
Seed: 233276390797483
Platform: Java
Key locations
Desert Temple: 10 5
Town # 1: 5 10
Town # 2: 150-265
Ocean Monument: -135 330
Shipwreck: 40 75

Villa in the Jungle
Seed: 890705268
Platform: Bedrock
Key locations
Jungle Temple: 200 10
Fortress Staircase: -332-1212
Town: 165 55
Zombie Generator: 7 17-24
Spider Generator: -165 23-7

Various biomes
Seed: 25836763
Platform: Bedrock
Key locations
Desert Town: -235 90
Plains Town: -300-330
Desert Temple: 600585
Fortress: 1125548
Taiga Town: 120 -720


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