Top 5 Earning Investors This Week


Bitcoin price saw $ 60,000 this week. Binance Futures futures cryptocurrency exchange investors earned millions of dollars during the week. An investor made about $ 12 million.

Bitcoin (BTC) priced between $ 55,728 and $ 60,086 this week. With a market value of 1.1 trillion dollars, Bitcoin has a daily transaction volume of 48 billion dollars.

Top earners on a rate basis (ROI) of the week

  • CarryGhostWork: The trader at the top of the list achieved a 4.830 percent ROI this week. The investor made $ 7,042 during the week.
  • signiel: The trader, who took second place with a rate of 3,250 percent ROI, earned $ 10,089 this week.
  • BackBelongTime: The trader, who finished third with a ROI of 2,432 percent, achieved $ 6,032 this week.
  • 幸存者 阿蒙: Investor, fourth on the list, achieved a 2.352 percent ROI this week. The trader’s weekly earnings were $ 219,725.
  • VeryTwentyCry: Trader placed fifth on the list with a ROI of 2,251 percent, earning $ 27,801 this week.

Top earners of the week by quantity (PnL)

  • BorrowBusinessmanMath: The top trader on the list earned $ 11.7 million this week. The daily income of the investor was $ 1.8 million.
  • sacaloco: second on the list, earning $ 4.5 million, earning $ 693,283 on a daily basis.
  • Eureka: The trader, who took the third place on the list, earned $ 4.1 million this week. The investor’s intraday earnings were $ 439,363.
  • CloseSuccessfulCheat: Trader, who took fourth place, earned $ 3.7 million this week. Daily PnL value is $ 500,225.
  • ThreeHandsomeHam: The trader, who is fifth on the list, earning $ 3.6 million, lost $ 21,814 during the day.