Top 5 Earning Investors This Week


Bitcoin price has fluctuated this week. Binance Futures futures cryptocurrency exchange investors have earned millions of dollars this week. One trader made about $ 20 million during the week.

Bitcoin (BTC) was priced between $ 50,846 and $ 58,376 this week. While the market value of bitcoin is $ 1 trillion, its daily transaction volume is around $ 46 billion.

Top earners on a rate basis (ROI) of the week

  • TrickThrowMeal: With a ROI of 2,642 percent, the investor earned $ 16,346 this week.
  • ClassmateTeaGarden: Ranking second on the list with a 2.088 percent ROI, the trader achieved $ 12,851 during the week.
  • 4h234: The trader ranked third with a ROI of 1.859 percent. The investor earned $ 4,834 this week.
  • BuyBenchAfternoon: The fourth on the list with a ROI of 1,786 percent, the trader achieved $ 8,043 this week.
  • TreatClimbCenter: With a ROI of 1,756 percent, the trader earned $ 3,569 during the week.

Top earners of the week by quantity (PnL)

  • HabitCandleGiant: Top trader on the list earned $ 19.9 million this week. The investor earned another $ 6.1 million today.
  • BatThursdayBurn: The trader, who earned $ 10.5 million and placed second in the list, earned another $ 1 million during the day.
  • UsefulBalconyChild: Trader, who took third place, earned $ 6 million this week. The daily income of the trader was 42,812 dollars.
  • GoTwentiethBook: Investor placed fourth on the list, earning $ 4.1 million.
  • MeatMilkWhether: Ranked fifth on the list, the trader earned $ 3.8 million during the week. The daily income of the trader was $ 147,527.