Top 5 Earning Investors This Week


Bitcoin price has fluctuated this week. Binance Futures futures cryptocurrency exchange investors managed to raise millions of dollars. So who are the top 5 earning investors this week? Let’s see.

Bitcoin was priced between $ 43,000 and $ 52,000 this week. Bitcoin, whose market value has dropped to $ 885 billion, is traded on Coinbase at $ 47,413.

Top earners on a rate basis (ROI) of the week

  • DecideGasAirplane: The top investor on the list has an ROI of 1,680 percent. The trader made $ 3,067 during the week.
  • MaybeCaseChristmas: The trader, who took second place, earning $ 4,960 this week, achieving a ROI of 1,493 percent.
  • TestAlongHabit: The third on the list, the trader achieved a 1.332 percent ROI, and achieved $17,847 on a weekly basis.
  • ThrowGlassBegin: The trader, who finished fourth with a ROI of 1,276 percent, earned $ 2,265 this week.
  • ChooseRopeBottle: The trader, who qualified to be the fifth on the list, achieved a 1.271 percent ROI this week. It earned $ 4,026 on a weekly basis.

Top earners of the week by quantity (PnL)

  • δΊ‘ 尊 Three: The investor, who placed first on the leaderboard, earned $ 4.8 million this week. The daily loss of the trader was $ 576,937.
  • BabySkyWeek: Investor, who earned $ 3.3 million, was the second of this week. The amount the trader made during the day was 453,619 dollars.
  • TrafficTempleBehind: The investor, the third of the week, made $ 3 million. During the day, it lost 220.519 dollars.
  • Ssibal: The fourth trader, earning $ 2.7 million, earned $ 1,021 on a daily basis.
  • BathroomTerribleWinter: Trader, ranked fifth, earned $ 2.1 million this week, while earning $ 628,834 during the day.


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