Top 5 Earning Crypto Investors On Binance This Week


Binance Futures futures cryptocurrency exchange investors managed to earn high returns this week. While we see some investor names maintain their place in the list, we also see new traders join the Binance leaderboard. Let’s take a look at the top earning traders of the Binance Futures exchange between November 9 – 14.

The bitcoin price has managed to climb above $ 16k this week and many investors have also made good gains. Bitcoin, which went above $ 16k on the Coinbase exchange on November 11, refreshed its record on November 12 and climbed to over $ 16,300. Bitcoin has surged 2.5% this week, according to CoinGecko data. It has seen a 2.2% decline in the last 24 hours. Currently, Bitcoin is trading at $ 15,978. With the significant increase seen in Bitcoin, Binance Futures exchange investors also managed to increase their investments exponentially.


Top earners on a rate basis (ROI) of the week

  • ViolinChangeCup: The trader who put his name on the list at number 1 has an ROI of 1.7%. It is seen that the investor earned 4 thousand dollars on a weekly PnL basis. The trader’s daily ROI and PnL rates are negative. The trader lost a thousand dollars on a daily basis.
  • GuySunFuture: With a 1.2% ROI, the trader earned $ 2.9k on a weekly PnL basis. The investor, whose daily PnL value was negative, lost 2.4 thousand dollars.
  • WishCowGlove: The investor, who took the third place on the list, has a weekly ROI of 1.11%. It is seen that the trader, who earned $ 1.8 thousand this week, lost 2 thousand dollars on a daily basis.
  • BirdWifeCountry: The investor in the fourth row on the Binance leaderboard has a 1.08% ROI this week. The investor made 3.8 thousand dollars in the week and lost 2.7 thousand dollars in the day.
  • BringAngleWinter: The trader, who took fifth place on the list, had a 1.03% ROI. The investor’s weekly PnL value is around 1.8 thousand dollars, while the daily loss is currently 900 dollars.
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Top earners of the week by quantity (PnL)

  • MaskWindowTwelve: The investor, who has not lost the leadership on PnL basis for 3 weeks, has made a big profit this week. The trader, who earned $ 1 million, lost $ 593 thousand on a daily basis. The trader earned $ 2 million last week.
  • DateCakeTop: The trader, who entered the list at the second place, earned $ 724,000 this week. The investor who made a good profit lost 422 thousand dollars on a daily basis.
  • ThanUnderstandThroat: The investor, who took third place on the Binance leader list last week, made a profit of $ 462k this week. The investor earned $ 1.1 million last week. The daily loss is currently at the level of 148 thousand dollars.
  • TidyTownCheck: The investor who managed to get fourth place earned 459 thousand dollars this week. It is seen that the investor lost 279 thousand dollars on a daily basis.
  • CopyBeanHappen: The trader, who ranked fifth on the list, earned $ 396k this week. The daily loss was 309 thousand dollars.


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