Top 3 Minecraft Seeds 1.16.4 (January 2021)


We detail which are the best Minecraft mods (PC version) and how to install them to open a range of possibilities in the game.

There is no doubt that one of the most influential games in recent video game history is Mojang’s project: Minecraft. A work that needs no introduction and that has grown and evolved over more than 11 years until reaching the complexity and variety of options that it currently presents. With its arrival on Nintendo Switch and several new surprises, we are entering a year 2021 that looks promising for Minecraft. For this reason, below we leave you with a list of high quality seeds from update 1.16.4 as of January 2021, in addition to remembering that in another piece we tell you which are the best maps and servers of this year that we have just finished. start.

The best seeds of Minecraft update 1.16.4

The Minecraft 1.16 “Nether” update is out recently and brings with it a good handful of great seeds for us to try out in our new world. There is a ton of new to experience in addition to the new Nether biomes and new resources that have appeared. To help you choose which seed is better and where you should go next, we leave you a list with up to 10 of them:

Desert village surrounded by various biomes (forest, ice and desert)

Seed: -807569075
Platform: Bedrock
Key locations
Desert village with biomes: -249, 68, -273
Mine: -134, 71, -284
Raider Outpost: -424 78372
Taiga Town: -287 65 548
Ruined Portal: -454 69950
Town: -280 67981

Villa near a mushroom island and surrounded by ice

Seed: -376042977865450385
Platform: Java
Key locations
Savannah biome: -240 66832
Pyramid: -182 65 1263
Desert Village: -184 67 1358

2 forest mansions, village, witch hut

Seed: -8993723640229201049
Platform: Java
Key locations
Town: -163 63 330
Town # 2: -497 65629
Woodland Mansion # 1: -337 67225
Woodland Mansion # 2: 144 63223
Witch’s Hut: 56 65 68
Ruined Portal: 161 63372
Flower Forest Biome: 1177 73533


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