Top 10 options for Windows 10 icon pack!


If you are tired of the appearance of the folders and applications on your computer’s desktop, if you want to have a more colorful, moving or simple but aesthetic appearance, this article is for you… Windows 10 icon packs come to our rescue for the changes you want on your computer desktop. We have compiled Windows icon packs for a simple, colorful or animated concept. Here are 10 icon packs with different concepts and shapes …

1. Animated icon pack Kingdom Icons

It is an icon pack with 51 icons with a concept reminiscent of Robin Hood and Game of Thrones. It includes war gear such as crowns, swords, arrows, bows, shields.

The disadvantage of such Windows 10 icon packs is that images cannot convey the function of folders to the user. It can be difficult to understand that the folder with the shield symbol is your game folder, while the folder with the sword symbol is your photos. Especially if you have a crowded desktop, this situation can get complicated. However, if your desktop is simple and you like the concept of war or if you say I trust my memory, this package may be just for you.

2.Simple icon pack Numix Circle for Windows

Numix Circle for Windows is a Windows icon pack with a circle-dominated concept as the name suggests. This package uses a similar color palette compatible with the operating system. Logos are easy to use.

What is unique about the Numix Circle Windows 10 icon pack is the shape of the icons. Only the circular shapes contrast nicely with the angular shape of the Metro UI.

3.Gamy Vintage Social Icons: Iconic icon pack

Those who want to add a different and iconic atmosphere to your computer can choose for Gamy Vintage Social Icons. There are 37 icons in the package, each having the same retro shape, only the letters or shapes they express differ according to the folder content.

4.Insignia Icon Theme Windows icon pack

Insignia Icon Theme is a useful and generic icon pack that is very suitable for customization. The package includes icons for classic applications, folders and web applications.

It is noteworthy that the soft borders are used in the icon pack without moving too far from the original designs of the folders or applications.

5.Socialmedia Icons Windows icon pack

It is a Windows 10 icon pack dominated by a border or borderless design with icons specific to popular platforms such as Google Drive, Facebook, Amazon, Apple. Social network logos have a look away from the design with only logos. The use of the package is thus very easy… The Socialmedia Icons package attracts attention with 100 icons in total.

6.Shadow 135

Next up is the Shadow 135, an icon pack designed for both Windows 10 and MacOS. The package, which has a soft and dynamic appearance with oval squares on the sides and the circle inside, offers a very comfortable use although it is designed for both systems. Those who want a colorful, understandable design without exaggeration can download the package.

7.Innovative Windows 10 icon pack: Kamelon Icons

If you are looking for an innovative Windows 10 icon pack, Kameleon Icons is the right choice. All icons in the 120 icon set are located on a circular background.

Icons corresponding to all important Windows folders, including Documents, Downloads, Photos and more; It can download in SVG, PNG and ICO format. You can download this fun and explanatory icon pack.

8. Arc Icons

The designer of the Arc Icons icon pack chose to adapt a popular Linux icon pack for Windows. Like some icon packs, it adopts a flat and minimal design concept.

9. Alienware Eclipse

If you want to see an extraordinary design, the Alienware Eclipse is for you. For those who want to have a package with sleek hardware, the Alienware Eclipse will be the logical choice. The icon pack, which is dominated by electric blue and black, is more assertive than others.

10. Flat Color W10 IconPack

Flat Color W10 IconPack icon pack has the same basic design as Windows. The icon pack also includes icons in different alternatives for music, video and picture files. Icons are in ICO format.


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