Top 10 Midfielders and Midfielders for Ultimate Team


FIFA 21 chooses the 10 best midfielders and midfielders in current football. We collect their names and what statistics they have within the simulator.

FIFA 21 lands on the market with the strength of every year. EA Sports’ season of success begins and what better way to celebrate it than to find out who the best players are within their database. In previous pieces we already did the same with the forwards. Now it is the turn of those who accompany him on the axis of the field.

The midfielders are the backbone of the team. There would be no forwards or defenders if there weren’t a handful of footballers directing the plays. Today we focus on those who, at times, are the great forgotten. These are the top 10 FIFA 21 media.

Kevin De Bruyne – 91 rating

The Belgian is the silent leader of a team that always strives to achieve the big goals. Pep Guardiola’s right eye is the most recognizable face of the citizens, accustomed to their collective game and their power from long distance. As the years go by, its role is recognized even more. 93 passing, one of the highest valuation rates in the entire English competition. The Premier League wouldn’t be the same without him.

Rhythm: 76

Shot: 86

Pass: 93

Dribble: 88

Defense: 64

Physical: 78

Top 10 midfielders and midfielders: full list

Kevin De Bruyne | 91 rating

Casemiro | 89 rating

Joshua Kimmich | 88 rating

Toni Kroos | 88 rating

N’Golo Kanté | 88 rating

Luka Modric | 87 rating

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