Top 10 Innovations Apple Made in 2010’s


Top 10 Innovations Apple Made in 2010’s

We are leaving behind the years of 2010 and now there is a whole new decade. However, the past decade has created many changes in our lives, our daily lives and our habits.

One of the companies that created a change in our lives was Apple.
Together with 2019, we have left the 2010s behind. In 2010, Apple was the technology company that attracted the most attention. In addition, considering that all of the Fortune 500 companies use Apple products, we can say that Apple is not only popular, but also grows strong.

So, what was the top 10 initiatives of Apple, the third company in the world to sell smartphones, which marked the years of 2010?




Although iOS was originally released before 2010, it was renamed with the release of iOS 4 in 2011.

Wireless software updates

ios güncelleme

Apple’s wireless software updates came with the iOS 5, released on October 12, 2011. With this feature, users can update their devices without pairing with iTunes.



AirDrop made sharing files between iPhone devices much easier. At the moment, it didn’t seem to matter, but it was important when it came out.



It was originally aired in 2004 as AirTunes. AirPlay was launched in 2010. The second version of AirPlay 2, which was used on Apple TVs, was launched in 2018.

Free software updates

macOS updatePaid written updates were quite costly, especially for businesses that used hundreds of computers. Apple’s free software updates have lifted the burden on companies.

Device-based application assignment


Device-based application assignment was introduced to users with iOS 9 and macOS 10.11. IT departments could send an application to a device with or without an Apple ID and withdraw it at any time.

Files app for iOS

ios files uygulaması

As part of iOS 13, Apple introduced the Files application along with third-party integration. Kind of like Finder in macOS.

iPad multitasking on iOS 11

ipad multitasking

Although it was first introduced with iOS 9, the multitasking features included with iOS 11 enabled more work to be done with iPads.


Volume Purchase Program

apple school manager

As the name suggests, this feature enables IT departments to purchase bulk applications, which was later replaced by Apple School Manager and Apple Business Manager.


Mobile device management API

apple api

Apple’s MDM (Mobile device management) API can be one of the key elements contributing to the company’s growth.

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