The tool that transforms low pixel game characters into real people


Face Depixelizer, published by tg_bomze, can turn pixel resolution photos into high resolution photos. However, when some users tested video game characters in this vehicle, they got quite interesting results.

Nowadays, even with naked eyes, some people can use artificial intelligence to develop their own vehicles, while at times they can see what artificial intelligence can accomplish. Here, one of these people, Twitter user tg_bomze, has released a new tool.

tg_bomze’s tool, by definition, converts low resolution and pixel pixel photos into high resolution photos with reverse engineering. This tool called Face Depixelizer, as the name suggests, currently only works on human faces.

Video game characters converted:

Face Depixelizer, published by tg_bomze, was used for a more fun purpose for some users who saw the car. People tried to drive the vehicle in their favorite video game characters. The results obtained with the vehicle were terrible at times and quite funny at times.

Some users using Face Depixelizer have made the most classic names in the game world like Mario come true with this technology. As a result of the transformation, some game characters seemed like a normal person, while others turned into characters that we can read that there is evil in them.

The pictures we see in the article can be counted as the worst of the results obtained with this tool. So we can say that this tool needs further development, which the developer himself already knows. However, in general, we can say that the vehicle can do a good job since it redesigned a face that is not on the world.

If you want to try Face Depixelizer published by tg_bomze, you can do this for free. You can use this link to try Face Depixelizer via Google Colab. You can also get your own results by following the instructions in the link.


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