Tool to Make Music by Your Mode by Google


Developed by Google’s Magenta team, the tool called Lo-Fi Player allows you to make music according to your own mode. Powered by machine learning, the tool is home to a huge variety of voices and customization possibilities.

Google’s Magenta team, which develops machine learning tools, has come up with tools that enable everyone to express their creativity so far. The last tool that emerged with the project the team is working on allows you to make your own music with the help of machine learning.

Developed and put into use under the name of Lo-Fi Player, the tool contains many different sounds and rhythms. All sounds in the environment can be adjusted from the options opened after clicking on any project in a room. Using this very fun tool is also very easy.

How to use Lo-Fi Player?

To use Lo-Fi Player, designed by Vibert Thio and developed with the team this summer, first click this link. Then click on the first image on the page that opens, and open the Lo-Fi Player in a new tab. You can start using the tool by pressing the ‘start’ button on the page opened on GitHub.

Every object you see in the room creates various sounds for you. In the menu that opens after you click on an object, you can adjust what sound you want or what emotion you want to convey, and what level the sound will be, and fine-tune the sound. You can also click on the window or wall in the room to get themed tones that match the landscape or color. Remember that you can also move items in the room.

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If you are a developer, you can edit this tool with your own hands, where you can create a very cute piece for yourself. The source code of the tool is available on the GitHub page at this link. Likewise, you can get instructions on what to do to edit the tool by clicking this link.

In addition to all these, the team that developed the tool has started a live broadcast on the YouTube channel. By accessing this link, you can change the music played on the broadcast by typing commands such as ‘turn off the light’ in the chat section of the live broadcast.


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