Tool to Eliminate Your Image on Webcam: Disappearing People


A Google engineer named Jason Mayes has developed a tool called Disappearing People, where you can remove yourself from the image you take with the camera in real time. Artificial intelligence supported vehicle can detect the background and remove you from the image.

With the development of computer technologies and the widespread use of the Internet, many innovations have entered our lives. One of these innovations is undoubtedly the internet video calls . Today, millions of consumers are able to video chat with their loved ones, thousands of kilometers away, through different apps.

Now we will talk about a project that the Google engineer Jason Mayes has been working on for some time. This project has finally become fully operational and can be experienced by all consumers as of today. This project, called “Disappearing People”, meaning “Disappearing People”, helps you to disappear from the image simultaneously while facing your webcam .

Software developed by Mayes is a TensorFlow based application. Disappearing People is trying to hide you by learning the background of the image on your webcam . Namely; While your camera is on, the codes of Disappearing People are constantly working with the background. If you want to hide yourself on your webcam, this application constantly monitors your image and as soon as it is activated, it starts showing the background of your environment .

Frankly Disappearing People, spectacular results for the moment does not . However, it should not be forgotten that this is variable. Because this application applies machine learning techniques. So how well your environment can be recognized, the results obtained so quality is going.

If you want to experience this project created by Mayes and hide your image in front of the camera, you can download Disappearing People by using the link here .


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