A Tool to Convert Snorkel into Respirator Mask for COVID-19 Patients


Italian 3D printing company Isinnova has produced a tool that turns snorkels into respirators for patients with coronavirus. The company plans to address the lack of CPAP mask in hospitals.

A company called Isinnova, run by a team of young engineers, has brought a masterful solution to the fight against coronavirus. The Italian company has turned the snorkel into a mask that will help coronavirus patients during the treatment process with a vehicle produced with the help of 3D printer.

The part produced by the company using a 3D printer can turn the snorkel mask into a CPAP mask for oxygen therapy. This piece will be used as a very critical treatment method for COVID-19 patients with severe respiratory problems.

Isinnova first contacted the doctor of Gardone Valtrompia Hospital Renato Favero for his project. The company shared the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeliminating the deficiency of C-PAP masks used in the treatment process to reduce the effects of the coronavirus affecting the respiratory tract.

Isinnova has partnered with Decathlon, which produces Easybreath snorkels for using the track. The company then confirmed that it was working correctly by sending a prototype created with 3D printing to hospital staff.

Unlike normal snorkeling masks, these special masks cover the face completely and allow swimmers to see the underwater world without obstacles. The bottom half of the device forms a channel for a snorkel pipe extending out of the water.

Although Isinnova has achieved successful results, it is not yet in production. The 3D printing company stated that the product has not yet been certified and its use depends on mandatory requirements. Patients need to sign a declaration to use non-certified devices.

Video showing the making and use of the mask


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