Tony Pollard is working on a new role at Cowboys Training


Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard has proven to be a reliable prop and number two behind pro bowler Ezekiel Elliott. But he is making moves to get an even bigger role in the team.

In an interview with Michael Gelken of the Dallas Morning News, Pollard said that he is trying to become a recipient of slot machines. To that end, he worked with offensive assistant Kyle Valero to learn the ins and outs of route running, breaks, and some plays.

“Just the details, like going through the route, the ins and outs of the breaks, why we’re doing certain plays and what’s behind them,” Pollard said. “We’re going deeper into why we do what we do, so it will make more sense in the big picture.”… It just shows the hard work I’ve done.”

This isn’t the first time the Cowboys have tried to get Pollard and Elliott on the field at the same time. There were a few games last year where the Cowboys tried to get them both in the backfield together to try to play big.

The end result was a breakout season for Tony Pollard and a historic year for the Cowboys offense. Pollard finished the season with 719 yards, an average of 5.5 yards per carry, and over 1,000 yards after scrimmage.

Dallas’ offense ranked first in the NFL in yards and points for the first time in 50 years en route to winning the NFC East title with a score of 12-5.

Will Tony Pollard play a big role in the Cowboys’ offense this year?


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