Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2: How to Get High Combinations


The reboot of Tony Hawk’s Professional Figure Skater 1 + 2 has brought a lot of interesting things for both new and old fans. Thanks to the beautifully improved graphics and smoother controls, even the ska of the 90s is still as fresh in the minds of players as in the good old days. However, one of the most defining mechanics of the series is perhaps a fantastic combo system.

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Anyone who has played Tony Hawk’s Professional Figure Skater 1+2 already knows that combos are an integral part of the game. They help with certain combo-oriented tasks, and they can help the player complete non-combo-oriented tasks, such as competitions or getting hard-to-reach items.

Grinding helps more than you think

One of the best ways to get very simple combos is to grind rails. If players plan to focus on their combo game, then it is important to have a good grind score to get these simple combos. However, players shouldn’t worry too much if they have low grind stats. Decent combos are still quite affordable with a low grind score. Players can easily create combos by combining grinds and gaps together. For example, jumping from one rail to a wall, to a rail, or from rail to rail. Sometimes players can even roll on walls or put up walls to help with this.

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Riding the wall helps when you are trying to get to a higher grind zone or an inaccessible place. Installing a wall, on the other hand, helps players reduce the grinding time, especially if they are grinding rails and heading towards the wall. The wall plant will support the combo and the player can continue grinding in a different direction or switch to a hand, air or flip trick to continue the combo. Adding some intermediate flip tricks can increase the combo score and help the grind last a little longer to get more points. A super nifty trick to get points for grinding is finding round bowls or rails. Players can simply continue to grind combos and perform various grind tricks to accumulate these points.

Use the manuals as often as possible

Manuals exist for a reason! Apart from simply providing guides to tricks on the plain, they can help with the transition. If players lose their balance on the grind, they can simply jump off the rail and continue the combo with the manual. If the player performs great aerial tricks and wants to continue the combo, he will be able to manually descend from the ramp and continue this combo. If the player sees a rail during this transition, then he must start grinding. Ultimately, the guide is intended to help players move from one trick to another.

Guides and rails can be very strong allies when they are linked together to create a high combination. Again, if players manage to grind the round bowls and rails and stack the grind tricks, they can easily continue the combo by jumping off and entering the manual. This can add up the main combo points. Adding some flip tricks to the instructions and the grind transitions will only help to strengthen this high combination.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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