Tons of celebrities share the support of Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s energetic dancing, but Blake Lively wins in the comments


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds continue to be couple goals thanks to their banter online.

There are a number of famous couples who constantly make headlines, and for good reason. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively certainly fall into this category thanks to their successful careers, growing family and sense of humor. A number of celebrities have offered support in Spirited’s rehearsal video, in which Reynolds and Will Ferrell dance, but Lively definitely wins in the comments section. Because, of course, it is.

Ryan Reynolds has been very busy lately, constantly releasing blockbusters over the past year. His latest release is “Spirited” on AppleTV+ (opens in new tab), a Christmas musical in which he stars alongside Will Ferrell. The “Deadpool” actor recently shared a video on Instagram about the rehearsal process, resulting in Blake Lively and others speaking out in the comments. Watch the clip below:

I mean, how cute is that? Spirited has received a lot of love on AppleTV+, helping to bring the Christmas spirit with the musical. Will Ferrell already has a cult holiday movie in the form of an Elf, and this is one of the reasons why so many moviegoers are happy to watch it. And now we can see how the sausage is made thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ rehearsal video.

The aforementioned clip was posted to 46.5 million followers of Ryan Reynolds on Instagram, many of whom spoke out in the comments section about Spirited (see our review here). Never stay away, Blake Lively joined in the fun with a hilarious response about her husband’s dancing. The comment, which will soon go viral, reads:

Is it possible to get pregnant during pregnancy??

I mean, how funny is that? Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are currently expecting their fourth child. And if the Gossip Girl icon wasn’t pregnant yet, then seeing Ryan Reynolds’ sweet dance moves might be enough to expand their growing family. Honestly, who doesn’t love talent?

As mentioned earlier, a number of celebrities have spoken out in the comments to Ryan Reynolds’ dance comeback “Energetic”. Kerry Washington was one of the familiar faces who also liked this clip, posting:

I would watch the whole movie with only dance rehearsals

Honestly, the same thing. Not only is it funny to see Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds cutting the carpet, but one can only imagine how much laughter was raised during the rehearsal process for Spirited. After all, these two icons are known for their trademark sense of humor, which no doubt played a role as they prepared to bring the film’s musical numbers to life.

America Chavez herself, also known as Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness, actress Xochitl Gomez also offered her two cents about Ryan Reynolds’ video with Will Ferrell. She is apparently a big fan of Spirited, and shares:

Favorite movie for the holidays!! I ‘ve already watched it twice 😂

Considering that Spirited appeared on AppleTV+ only on November 18, this suggests that Sochitl Gomez has already watched the new Christmas movie twice. Like the other people in the comments section, she must be a fan of the musical numbers that were played over a 127-minute duration. Although the reception of the film was warm.

Katie Couric was another celebrity who shared her reaction to Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s rehearsal for Spirited. The latter actor seems to have particularly impressed her, commenting:

Will has moves! 🔥👏

Which he does. And while Will Ferrell is simply brilliant in this rehearsal video, his performance becomes even more *hmm* energetic in the completed version of the new Christmas movie. We’ll just have to wait and see if this new Ryan Reynolds movie becomes a modern classic like “Elf.” Time will show.

Spirited is currently streaming on Apple TV+, and it features more familiar faces like Octavia Spencer, Rose Byrne, and even Judi Dench. Be sure to check out the release dates of films for 2023 to plan trips to the cinema for the New Year. Although some moviegoers may be focused on holiday movies for the next month or so.


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