TomTom AmigGo is the new map option for Android Auto


TomTom AmigGo: After opening the operating system to developers, Android Auto now offers new navigation app alternatives. The latest option is TomTom AmiGo, software that has been available in Brazil since 2017.

Bringing several new generation features, the application has versions compatible with the main vehicles with Android Auto. Thus, it becomes an option for those who want to replace the traditional Google Maps and Waze.

Basically, TomTom AmiGo brings the main features of other navigation apps. With the collaboration of users, it shows radar warnings (fixed and mobile), accidents, blockages and speed limits in real time.

In particular, the software has a cleaner interface than its competitors. Making the driver’s life easier while traveling, only essential information is displayed on the screen.

Being completely free and ad-free are other differentials of the app. Although developer TomTom required a subscription to access the mapping data, the Android Auto version has no additional costs.

To start using TomTom AmiGo, the driver must have a vehicle with the updated version of Android Auto. Then just go to the Play Store, download the app and start using it for navigation.

Extending the Android Auto ecosystem

Previously, Sygic was the first navigation app developed by third parties to come to Android Auto. In the coming months, the forecast is that more software from other companies will be released for the Google operating system for cars.

All of this will contribute to increasing the application ecosystem. In addition to navigation guides, software that helps with parking and that analyzes the performance of electric vehicles should also be made available for the platform.


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