Tomorrow X Together Release a New Mini-Album With a Trailer Inspired by Peter Pan for “Chapter of the Name”


K-pop band Tomorrow X Together (or TXT) has released a stunning concept trailer for their new release list titled “The Name Chapter”.

On December 3, at midnight KST, the boy band shared a six-minute trailer introducing their fifth mini-album “The Name Chapter”, which will be released sometime in January 2023. The new TXT clip dramatically retells the story. Peter Pan, Wendy and Neverland — from J. M. Barrie’s classic children’s film “Peter Pan” — through dance, using a series of animated backgrounds for each scene.

The cinematic video ends with the group sitting in the bedroom of a house stretching into the sky. After opening the door, member Hyuning Kai looks back at his bandmates before jumping into the clouds.

HYBE first announced plans to bring back TXT at their annual briefing in early November, during which they announced that the band would release a mini-album in January 2023. Later, at the end of the band’s performance, its name was revealed as “The Name Chapter”. at the Melon Music Awards ceremony on November 26.

The upcoming recording marks the beginning of a new boy band series after their previous releases “The Dream Chapter” and “The Chaos Chapter”. Their mini-album, released in May 2022, “minisode 2: Thursday’s Child”, served as an intermediate link between the latter and their upcoming “The Name Chapter”.

In a five-star review of “mini-Episode 2: Thursday’s Baby,” Rian Daly of NME wrote that the record “continues to position Tomorrow X Together as the voices of their generation (and not only) with songs that are both sublime in quality and evocative. life’s ups and downs.”


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