Tomorrow is ours: why is Lucie taking a short break?


In a few days, Lorie Pester will be returning as Lucie in Tomorrow belongs to us. The actress will not stay long, however.

Fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us eagerly await its return. Lucie is going to put her bags in Sète and see Victoire and Karim again, but she should not stay long. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

For several days, Martin has been in turmoil in Tomorrow belongs to us. The policeman is suspected of having killed Danielli and struggles to find evidence to exonerate himself. So he asked Chloe for help, but Judith’s mother is in great danger.

The intrigue around Martin should come to an end in the days to come. Subsequently, the series of TF1 reserves a very nice surprise to the fans. Indeed, Lorie Pester will resume the role of Lucie and will soon return to Sète. In 2019, the actress broke fans’ hearts when she announced her departure.

It has been two years since Lucie saw Victoire, Karim and his other friends again. The former policewoman will arrive in Sète on Thursday, February 25, in Tomorrow belongs to us. Nevertheless, we already know that she will return to the South for a sad reason since one of her relatives will die before she even arrives.

“Lucie will meditate on her grave and take the opportunity to visit her friends,” Lorie Pester told Télé Loisirs. Lucie will be able to spend time with her friends and will be very happy to find Georges and Karim. Nevertheless, she will have to face Victoire. The doctor didn’t like Lucie’s sudden departure and will be very angry with her.

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So, will Lucie return to her old position in Tomorrow belongs to us? Lorie Pester’s character is going to meet her replacement, Aurore. Besides, Sofia’s mother is going to investigate Marc Véry, the ring killer. As a reminder, Lucie went to Rio to join the mobster and is in a relationship with him.

Thus, Lucie might not get along with Aurore in the next episodes. Karim and Georges will have to ease the tensions between the two women. Lorie Pester has hinted that her character will have changed a lot in two years. Indeed, Lucie will lie to her friends for love and will be cold with them.

However, fans of Tomorrow belongs to us don’t have to get used to Lucie’s presence. Lorie Pester has no plans to become a recurring item on the soap opera. The star has given birth to a child and lives in Paris. Thus, it is out of the question for her, for the moment, to resume filming.

“I only came back for an ark. Today, my life is no longer in Sète. I became a mother and my family is in Paris, ”she confided to our colleagues. However, despite this brief passage, Lorie Pester does not completely close the door to the series.


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