Tomorrow is ours: Victoire doubts Sandrine’s innocence!


Franck’s death sows discord among the Lazzari. Victoire will believe that her mother killed Morgane’s brother in Tomorrow belongs to us.

Sandrine and Anne-Marie are the main suspects of Franck’s death in Tomorrow belongs to us. Victoire will really think that her mother killed the businessman. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Did Sandrine really kill Franck in Tomorrow belongs to us? A few weeks ago, Morgane’s brother arrived in Sète and offered many gifts to his family. Thus, he quickly gained unanimity and Anne-Marie even fell under his spell.

However, Sandrine has always had serious doubts about Franck and saw him transporting a body in the middle of the night. Something to give him chills and want to learn more about Morgane’s brother. So she called on Anna to get some info.

Victoire’s mother found out that Franck’s ex-wife committed suicide after opening numerous life insurance policies. Thus, she deduced that her fortune came from the death of his wife. She was very afraid for Anne-Marie, who was being manipulated by Franck.

Morgane’s brother was however found dead recently at his home in Tomorrow belongs to us. Aurore has opened an investigation and thinks Sandrine may have killed him. Nevertheless, Anne-Marie will do something irreparable.


Sandrine lied about her schedule and implied that she stayed late in high school when Franck died. However, it was flashed at 6:15 pm and Aurore knows that the CPE lied in Tomorrow belongs to us. Thus, she will soon find herself in police custody and the evidence will overwhelm her.

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However, in the rest of the series, Anne-Marie will denounce herself in order to protect her daughter. She’s going to confess to Franck’s murder, but no one will believe her. Thus, Victoire will be very badly and will not want her grandmother to end up in prison because of Sandrine.

“We have to get Anne-Marie out of there”, will say Victoire with tears in her eyes in Tomorrow belongs to us. Sandrine will continue to proclaim her innocence and swear to her daughter that she did not kill Franck. However, the doctor will still have a hard time believing her.

“Everyone knows she’s innocent, even the police,” Sandrine will say. However, Victoire will fear that Anne Marie will continue to confess to the murder. For her, the police will look no further and Sandrine’s mother could therefore end up in prison.


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