Tomorrow is ours: tension between Betty and Laura


Betty is jealous of Laura in Tomorrow Belongs to Us and can’t stand her. Cohabitation is not going to go well in future episodes. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

A few weeks ago, Laura made her debut in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young woman is Christelle’s biological daughter and spent a few days with the Moreno family. Still, Laura kept many secrets from the family.

Indeed, the latter comes straight from a sect and does not believe in modern medicine. However, she had to undergo emergency surgery because her kidneys failed her. Christelle was compatible with Laura and did not hesitate to donate to save her.

In the upcoming episodes of Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Laura will be released from the hospital and will live with the Moreno’s. Betty will once again have trouble finding her place and will feel abandoned by her parents.

This time, Laura will get closer to Sylvain and they will spend a lot of time together. This will not please Betty and the two young women could argue.


In the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Laura will accompany Sylvain on several interventions. She will be very helpful and Betty’s dad will be impressed. The two characters will get to know each other and Sylvain could finally make room for Laura.

Nevertheless, Betty is going to be annoyed to see that her father is getting closer to Laura. Indeed, for her, Laura does everything to steal her father and takes a very negative view. It is clear that the young woman is not ready to live with Laura in Tomorrow is ours.

So Laura still won’t be welcome at the Moreno’s, and Betty might make her uncomfortable. So, will Laura have to leave Christelle’s place? In any case, the tensions are not going to ease.


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