Tomorrow is ours: Soraya’s future will darken even more!


Remy made a huge mistake in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young man will soon ask Soraya in marriage. Fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us are in shock. Remy stole Victor Brunet’s money and a file and will have to confess everything to Soraya. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Rémy shows himself in a new light in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young man managed to win back Soraya shortly after the death of his mother. He was very present and supported her as much as possible during this difficult event.

However, the nurse also lost his mind. Not long ago, he broke into the Brunets’ home in order to steal money. Rémy threatened Lou and Timothée with a knife and left with more than 20,000 euros and a compromising file on Victor and Flore.

Soraya’s boyfriend wanted to make her happy and buy her a very beautiful ring. So he needed the money and thought he could emulate the home jacker without getting caught. However, he mostly caught Victor’s ire by stealing the confidential papers.

Rémy will soon have to confess in Tomorrow belongs to us. Soraya is likely to fall from the clouds and could choose to break up with him.


Rémy had everything to be happy alongside Soraya in Tomorrow belongs to us. However, the young man made a big mistake and will have to pay a heavy price. The Beddiars will find out everything and Soraya will be somewhat disappointed by her sweetheart.

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Nevertheless, she won’t want to break up with him and will even give him another chance. For his part, Remy will be uneasy, because he will have to give Victor the money and the file. The only problem is that the young man gave Solenne 5,000 euros pretending to be Santa Claus …

During Christmas Eve, Rémy will invite Soraya, Abdel and Noor to the restaurant. The young man will take the opportunity to make his marriage proposal. Soraya will be somewhat surprised, but she will accept under the gaze of those close to her.

For his part, Timothy will hear the whole conversation and will repeat everything to his father. The businessman is therefore far from having finished with Remy and the nurse could endanger Soraya in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us.


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