Tomorrow is ours: Soraya receives an amazing proposal!


Soraya is thoroughly with Rémy in Tomorrow belongs to us. But she realizes that her boyfriend is behind a particular call.

In Tomorrow belongs to us, Soraya and Remy step up a gear. The young man is going to ask her in marriage. But a proposal will surprise the young woman. She just received a strange phone call.

In a spoiler of the series, we discover that the young man offers a ring to his girlfriend. After being suspected of assaulting Lou and Timothy, he wants to please Soraya. And for that, he just bought a beautiful ring.

And during Spoon’s Eve in Tomorrow belongs to us, he begins to make his request. He starts off in a very delicate way. “It looks like an engagement ring doesn’t it?” It could well become one you don’t think. ”

But Soraya asks him to make the request “as it should”. So the young man begins to make a beautiful declaration of love to her. But will that be enough to convince the young woman to marry the nurse? Things are not over yet.


But an event that baffles Soraya in Tomorrow belongs to us. She receives a phone call from a recruiter in Martinique. He offered her a job as a lawyer there. But the young girl therefore realizes something strange.

She has just understood that Rémy is behind this call. He just used her mailbox and sent plenty of applications for her to law firms. Even if the young man wanted to do well, is he doing it for her or for him?

Lots of questions that will have to be answered in the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us. Soraya will she continue her relationship with Rémy? We will have to continue watching the next episodes to have the answers to our questions.


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