Tomorrow is ours: Sofia meets her grandmother!


Great moment for Samuel! While he never thought to see her again, he can finally introduce his grandmother to Sofia in Tomorrow belongs to us!

Samuel’s world collapsing in Tomorrow is ours! While he was convinced that his mother had left her father to go to Canada, he finally realized that she was not far from him … A shock for Sofia, who will therefore meet her grandmother!

Because the family begins to fall apart. Samuel thus realizes that his father has not told him the whole truth. But now that his mother is released from the mental hospital, he can reconnect with him. And even present Sofia!

“Mom, this is Sofia, your granddaughter,” he begins to face a woman he has not seen in years. New arrival in Tomorrow belongs to us: Lydie. Who is thus preparing to change the life of the family …

Delighted to meet her granddaughter, she stares at her with a big smile. “But what are you beautiful …” Impressed by this person she thought was lost, Sofia stammered. ” Nice to meet you. ”

“You talk to me please,” resumes her new Grandmother. But she seems too happy to tighten the bond in Tomorrow belongs to us. ” Can I kiss you ? You look the same as your father when he was little! ”

First family bond forged, therefore … But Lydie adapts very quickly! “Except you are serious, whereas he was a devil! Always ready to do silly things! A reflection that also makes Sofia laugh. “He hasn’t really changed! ”

Tomorrow belongs to us: Sofia meets her grandmother!


Happy and moved, Samuel also enjoys the situation. “It’s not even two minutes, you already say bad things about me!” Sofia, she wonders how she will adopt this new person. “What would you like me to call you? Grandmother ? Granny? ”

A little lost in the middle of this “new” family, her grandmother prefers to take her time. “Look, this is going to sound a little weird to you, but Lydie, that would be good for now.” »What to cool his granddaughter in Tomorrow belongs to us?

Not sure, because the rest of the conversation seems very happy. Samuel goes into ecstasies, “It’s crazy to see you there like that, I never could have imagined it. Sofia, too, seems very touched by this great moment.

“It’s great that you were able to find each other. Separated for so long, it must have been horrible! But there are obviously some things left unsaid. Because Lydie closes the chapter. ” It’s from the past. As Samuel says, what matters is that we meet again. ”

Locked up for schizophrenia, the grandmother seems to hide a lot of mystery. A mystery that Samuel also intends to unravel! Far from his mother for years, he risks calling his father to account… New twists are coming in Tomorrow belongs to us!


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