Tomorrow is ours: Samuel takes comfort from Iris!


Samuel is recovering from Leila’s death in Tomorrow belongs to us. He’s going to get a little closer to Iris in the next few episodes.

Samuel had to deal with Leila’s death in Tomorrow Belongs to Us. He’ll get a little closer to Iris and might end up cheating on Alma. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Samuel is completely obsessed with Iris in Tomorrow belongs to us. A few months ago, fans of the soap opera had to deal with the brutal death of Leila. Noor and Soraya’s mother was in a car accident as she was about to leave Sète. She was rushed to hospital and had a large part of her body burned.

It took a long time for doctors to recognize Leila, and Leila eventually succumbed to her injuries. Samuel had a very bad experience of the death of his ex-darling, but was able to count on the support of Sofia as well as William. Then he met again and recently went out with Alma.

Alma is very patient with Samuel in Tomorrow belongs to us and everything seems to be going well between them. Yet a few days ago the doctor had a puzzling encounter. Indeed, in the hospital, he crossed paths with a young stranger, who has the same hair as Leila. What disturb the father of Sofia.

Samuel therefore does everything to learn more about Iris, who is none other than William’s patient. The latter received a heart transplant recently and is having a hard time living with this new organ. Nevertheless, Samuel will soon make a discovery.


Noor and Soraya signed papers for Leila to be an organ donor before her death in Tomorrow belongs to us. So, it seems that Iris received the heart of the mother of the two young women. Samuel will soon find out and will do everything to speak with Iris. He will even end up revealing to her that the heart belonged to Leila.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better heart then,” Iris will say, listening to Samuel’s story at the beach. The doctor will talk about his ex-girlfriend and explain to her how brave and still hopeful she was. Subsequently, Iris will suggest to Samuel to get closer to him and put her head against his chest.

“You might take me for a crazy person, but you want to listen to her?”, She will suggest. Samuel will therefore come closer to her to hear the beating of the heart. This will calm him down a bit, as he used to listen to Leila’s heartbeat when they were together.

Then, Iris confesses to Samuel that she often talks to the person who gave her the heart. Thus, the young woman will be sensitive to the story of her organ donor in Tomorrow belongs to us. She will in turn want to get closer to Leila and will even go to her grave in the next episodes.


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