Tomorrow is ours: Martin investigates Danielli’s murder!


Martin is suspected of murdering Danielli in Tomorrow belongs to us. He will decide to investigate to learn more.

Martin struggles to prove his innocence in the face of Danielli’s death in Tomorrow belongs to us. He will decide to investigate on his own to find new evidence. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Martin will do anything to prove his innocence in Tomorrow belongs to us. A few days ago, Danielli, the ex-ally of Michael Corkas, returned to Sète. He did not hesitate to accost in the rue Jules in order to ask him many questions. Nevertheless, the young man got scared and pretended to have a date.

Jules didn’t want to talk to Virginie about it so as not to worry her. Nevertheless, the Spoon party turned into a nightmare for the lawyer and her sweetheart. When they thought they were having a good night, they got drugged by Danielli. The mobster slipped drugs into their glass during the evening.

Virginie left the Spoon alone, tipsy and almost had an accident in Tomorrow belongs to us. It was Alex who helped her, and Jules’s mother went home the next day. She had no memory of the evening and did not know where Martin was. For his part, the policeman regained consciousness in a container.

Martin discovered he had a big gash on his hand. Shortly after, he went to the scene of a murder and discovered Danielli’s body. The policeman quickly realized that someone was trying to bring him down and had been suspected of murder for several days.


Martin lied about his schedule in Tomorrow belongs to us. Indeed, he suggested not to have crossed Danielli during the evening at the Spoon. However, the two men had an altercation outside the bar. Then Aurore discovered that Martin’s DNA was on the murder weapon. What to have serious doubts.

Martin fled from his colleagues and chose to go into hiding for a time. Indeed, he thought he could escape the police while he proved his innocence. Besides, he will be able to count on the help of Jules but also of Chloe. Virginie goes to ask her friend to bring some food for Martin.

Then, according to an excerpt from TF1, Martin will choose to investigate Danielli’s death on his own. He is going to start over and will want to question a witness. At the port, a passer-by confides in Martin that she saw two men fighting and a woman. “She was the one who cried before I went to open the window,” the witness will say.

Martin will be somewhat confused by these new statements in Tomorrow belongs to us. “She looked terrified,” the witness added. So it may well be that the police version is confirmed. Martin may have found Danielli in port with Virginie during the Spoon’s big party.

Thus, the two men would have fought in front of the lawyer and it would have escalated. In any case, these new statements will not suit Martin. He will have nothing to prove his innocence and may even begin to doubt himself in the sequel to the TF1 soap opera …


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