Tomorrow is ours: Lucie is making her comeback at Sète!


After two years of absence, Lucie is finally back in Tomorrow belongs to us. Discover the first moments of this long-awaited return!

Fans of Tomorrow belongs to us will be delighted! The character of Lucie, played by Lorie Pester, is making a comeback this week in the TF1 soap opera.

His return in Tomorrow belongs to us was eagerly awaited! It’s official, Lucie is back in the series and once again settling her bags in Sète.

TF1 has just unveiled this Monday, February 22 a short extract of Lucie’s return in Tomorrow belongs to us. In this video, Georges and Victoire receive intriguing gifts and wonder about the identity of the sender.

Indeed, Georges and Victoire received a strange package at the police station. When they return to the roommate, they discover Lucie in the living room and understand that she is therefore the mysterious sender. Imagine their surprise!

“Hi you two! Haven’t you forgotten me? », Says Lucie. Very happy, Georges threw himself into his friend’s arms and answered her: “You’re not going, right ?!” “.

On the side of Victoire, however, now is not the time to celebrate. Annoyed, she stares at Lucie and attacks her very quickly with a reproach. “Can we find out what’s going on with you to disembark like this without warning?” She retorts. Good atmosphere in Tomorrow belongs to us!

It must be said that the doctor did not appreciate Lucie’s sudden departure. She is therefore angry with him!

So how will Lucie react? What will she say to Victoire?

Tomorrow is ours: Lucie is finally making her big comeback in Sète!


Fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us can save the date! Lucie will indeed make her big comeback in Sète on Thursday February 25 in the series. And we already know she’s going to come back to the sun for a very sad reason. Namely the death of a loved one!

Lucie will thus meditate on her grave but will take advantage of her return to Sète to have a good time with her friends.

The former policewoman will also meet her replacement, Aurore. And the two women are not going to become the best friends in the world. Far from there !

His friends Georges and Karim will therefore have to calm the debates and ease the tensions. It promises !

Above all, fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us will see that Lucie is not quite the same. It must be said that these two years spent far from Sète, in Rio, have changed the young woman!

Lucie’s comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us will therefore upset the series and cause some stir. That said, the ex-policewoman shouldn’t stay long.

Indeed, Lorie Pester gave birth to a child and now lives in Paris. The singer and actress therefore explained that she would be doing a brief stint in Tomorrow belongs to us in the time of an ark. It’s already that !


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