Tomorrow is ours: Louise succumbs to Bart’s charm!


Louise arrived recently in Tomorrow belongs to us. She could end up agreeing to be in a relationship with Bart.

Bart met Louise not long ago in Tomorrow belongs to us. The two characters may soon decide to pair up. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Bart, finally ready to take a step with Louise in Tomorrow belongs to us? Bart has been single for a while and the young man seems to be having a hard time finding love. However, not long ago, he met Louise, an outstanding cook. The young woman arrived at Little Spoon and stood out.

Louise and her children arrived in Sète and live at the campsite after having had some financial problems. Indeed, the young woman had to close her restaurant because of the Covid-19 and finds herself with nothing. Nevertheless, thanks to her strong character, she managed to get hired at Little Spoon and didn’t hesitate to give Bart advice.

The meeting between the two characters was overwhelming, and Bart didn’t always like the behavior of his employee. Indeed, he had a hard time accommodating his many ideas in order to make his food truck work. Nevertheless, everything seems to go places between them and they even got very close.

Bart knows Louise’s financial problems and therefore does everything he can to help her. He seems worried about her, but is especially under her spell. Thus, he could very soon declare his love for her and get into a relationship with her in Tomorrow belongs to us.


Bart and Louise kissed once in Tomorrow belongs to us. Nevertheless, Louise does not wish to complicate their relationship and jeopardize her job at Little Spoon. So, she decided to stay friends with him and she does everything to keep her distance. Bart, for his part, does everything to respect his choices.

However, in the rest of the soap opera, Flore’s son will want to move up a gear. He goes all out to convince Louise that their story is worth it. Thus, Mathilde’s mother could let go and agree to give their couple a chance. The two lovers, however, will not be discreet.

Indeed, Mathilde will see that her mother has a crush on Bart in Tomorrow belongs to us. So she won’t hesitate to laugh at her and give her some thoughts. And for good reason, the young girl has recently been dating Ben and has disobeyed Louise several times.

So, is Bart and Louise’s story going to go anywhere? The year has started very well for Maxime’s cousin. Fans are going to be happy to see him in love and happy again. Nonetheless, it is clear that he is embarking on a complicated affair with the Spoon’s new waitress.


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