Tomorrow is ours: Louise and Bart get down to business!


In Tomorrow belongs to us, Louise and Bart got down to business. The two lovers made love for the first time!

After looking around for several months, Bart and Louise finally got down to business. Yet nothing was won between the two of them.

Indeed, Louise is Bart’s employee. Enlisted in Little Spoon on trial, the young woman has proven herself, despite a difficult start for both Bart and the young woman.

Indeed, Bart criticized her employer for being too directive, and getting involved in things that did not concern her. This did not prevent Flore’s son from keeping his employee.

Over the weeks, Bart became very friends with Louise. The pretty brunette, who said nothing about her private life, confided in Flore Vallorta’s son.

The young woman has two children, and her financial situation is very delicate. Bart then helped his employee to obtain social housing in Sète.


A good deed which only strengthened the bonds between the two protagonists. And the two lovers who, at the beginning, denied their feeling, moved on to serious matters …

In an extract unveiled by myTF1, Bart and Louise therefore slept together. The sexual tension between the two friends was such that they eventually took action.

“You’re convincing and very good as a boy,” Louise admits to Bart, after taking action. Bart thus confides in the young woman that he had not stopped thinking about this for several weeks.

In the video, Louise cannot get over welcoming a man in her mobile home.

For Bart, therefore, the location is irrelevant. The young, well-established entrepreneur has fallen in love with Louise, and what is around him doesn’t interest him at all. A new couple was therefore formed in Sète.


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