Tomorrow is ours: Lou about to leave Victor for good?


Victor is ready to do anything to recover a file in Tomorrow belongs to us. Lou might decide to break up with him for good.

Victor becomes particularly dangerous since the disappearance of a file in Tomorrow belongs to us. He could soon exceed the limits and be left by Lou. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Victor has been losing his pedals for several days in Tomorrow belongs to us. Not long ago, a thief entered his home and took 25,000 euros along with a confidential file. The businessman is furious and does everything to find this document as quickly as possible.

Victor must have told Flore about the disappearance of the file and the latter is just as upset as he is. And for good reason, these papers seem to speak of Bart’s mother’s new job at the hospital. The two characters are hiding something very important, and which could endanger their jobs.

Victor believes that Remy is responsible for his heist in Tomorrow belongs to us. He finds his behavior strange and knows that the young man has bought a valuable piece of jewelry from Soraya. So, he puts pressure on him and even hired a henchman to scare him.

Remy will soon be assaulted while he is having a party with Soraya. The nurse isn’t going to hesitate to talk to Lou about it and it will piss off the lawyer a lot.


Victor is ready to do anything to get his file back and seems to want revenge on Remy. For that, he will endanger the life of the young man and will go so far as to attempt to kill him. Soraya is not going to let it go and will do everything to protect her darling.

So in the sequel to Tomorrow belongs to us, Soraya, who works with Lou, could talk about the nurse’s assault. She could tell him that Victor is doing everything to kill her boyfriend and Lou may well fall from the clouds.

The lawyer is not going to understand why Victor is attacking Rémy in Tomorrow belongs to us. So, she will start to believe that he is crossing the line and might have an argument with him. Besides, it will go a long way since the lawyer will seriously consider leaving him.

So, is Victor going to be quit by Lou before the holiday season? In any case, nothing will work for the couple anymore. The businessman seems completely blinded by revenge to the point of endangering his relationship.


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