Tomorrow is ours: Lorie Pester is delighted with her return!


In the story of her Instagram account, Lorie Pester was delighted with her return to the series Tomorrow belongs to us.

After months of absence, Lorie Pester is set to reprise her role as Lucie in the series Demain Nous Belongs. Good news that she announces to her fans.

What good news for Lorie fans! Indeed, the singer and actress has just announced her return to the series Tomorrow belongs to us.

Thus, it is on her Instagram account that the mother of the family shared her joy with her followers. However, she did not announce it on her own.

In short, the account of Tomorrow belongs to us organized a question-answer session in the story of the social network. So, a surfer took the opportunity to talk about Lorie

So we can read the following message, “Lorie Pester, am I the only one she seriously missed on the show?” This person asked first.

Then she added. “Too anxious for Lucie’s return! “So, we have to believe that this surfer did not expect such an announcement from Tomorrow belongs to us.

And for good reason, the account entitled @ dna_tf1 replied: “Soon Lucie’s return”. A message that was accompanied by an hourglass emoji and a heart.

In fact, Lorie Pester was directly tagged on the post. So, she couldn’t help but share it back. Something to surprise and delight everyone!


Lorie Pester had indeed left Tomorrow belongs to us in June 2019. The reason? The actress was about to give birth to her first child.

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