Tomorrow is ours: Karim is looking for Chloe’s house!


Martin is wanted for the murder of Danielli in Tomorrow belongs to us. Karim and Aurore go to Chloe’s to find him.

For several days, Martin has been in turmoil in Tomorrow belongs to us. He is suspected of murdering Danielli and Chloe has agreed to help him. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Chloe soon arrested for complicity in Tomorrow belongs to us? A few days ago, Danielli, the former ally of Mickaël Corkas, returned to Sète. He did not hesitate to accost Jules in the street to ask him many questions. Nevertheless, the young man got scared and fled.

Virginie and Martin were not suspicious of Danielli in the soap opera. The lawyer and her boyfriend went to the costume party at the Spoon and had a few drinks. Nevertheless, Danielli was present and slipped drugs into their drinks. Virginie therefore left the Spoon alone and tottering and almost had an accident.

For his part, Martin regained consciousness in a container near the port in Tomorrow belongs to us. He had a big gash in his hand and tried to hide it from his colleagues. The policeman has no recollection of the evening at the Spoon.

A little while later, Martin, Aurore and Karim went to the scene of a murder. Virginia’s companion discovered Danielli’s lifeless body. He has since been suspected of murder and all the evidence goes against him. Yet he is the victim of a huge set-up and is struggling to prove it.


Aurore and Karim got the surveillance footage from the Spoon and saw Martin talking with Danielli. Yet the policeman told his colleagues the opposite and appears to have lied in Tomorrow is ours. Not to mention that his DNA is on the murder weapon. The police therefore wanted to arrest him, but Martin fled and is hiding.

Martin was initially able to count on the help of Virginie and Jules to escape the police. So, for days, he has found himself on the run and does everything to find evidence in order to be exonerated. The policeman investigates his side and is very discreet. Nevertheless, Karim and Aurore are on his trail.

In a TF1 excerpt from an episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, Aurore and Karim go to Chloe’s house and want to search her house. “I’m in my pajamas and there’s Celeste sleeping,” Chloe will say to save some time. For her part, Judith will warn a panicked Martin. “What do we do ?!” she exclaims. Eventually, the teenager will find a new hideout for Martin.

“Do you think I’m Martin’s accomplice, is that it?” Chloe will say to Karim reproachfully. The police officer will not know what to say to him and will not want to give him any information about the investigation. Instead, he’s going to ask her to follow him to the police station and Chloe might get in big trouble …