Tomorrow is ours: Karim finds Anna!


In Tomorrow belongs to us, Karim finally finds the beautiful Anna! No worries, we’ll tell you more in a moment!

After a year’s absence, Karim finally reunites with Anna in Tomorrow belongs to us.

In barely three years, Tomorrow Belongs to Us has won the hearts of many viewers. Yes, this soap opera has even become the reference for TF1 in terms of series. Very cool !

Thus, every evening, young and old alike follow the adventures of our favorite heroes.

In fact, Tomorrow belongs to us works so well that the series even has its own spin-off.

Yes, Here Everything Begins, which follows the adventures of former DNA characters, has been airing for over a month now on TF1.

But if Tomorrow Belongs to Us is such a hit, it’s thanks to its characters!

Yes, we all love Chloe, Soraya, Jules and also Karim very much!

In the next episode, he’ll finally find Anna! Yes, the captain will finally find the chosen one of his heart.

Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more straight away!


After more than a year of absence, Anna is finally back in Sète in Tomorrow belongs to us.

A return which obviously pleases Karim, eager to find the chosen one of his heart.

Besides, the captain did everything to make this reunion go as well as possible. Dressed in his 31, he created the most romantic ambiance in his home.

But time is running out! Yep, Captain Saeed has to go get Anna. And he really shouldn’t be late!

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One thing’s for sure: We can’t wait to see the couple reunite in Tomorrow is Our Own.

And we hope with all our hearts that all will be well for them.

But to find out, we will have to watch the next episodes of the series. We can’t wait!


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