Tomorrow is ours: Judith hasn’t said her last word to Chloe!


Judith is back with her mother in Tomorrow belongs to us. The young woman has not said her last word to live with Souleymane.

Judith does everything to get Chloe to agree to live with Souleymane in Tomorrow belongs to us. She will soon come up with a new plan and will use Mona. Please note, the article contains spoilers.

Judith has yet to say her last word to Chloe. Maxime’s sister has been in a relationship with Souleymane for many months. The two characters of Tomorrow Belongs to Us get along wonderfully and have the perfect love. Thus, they want to live together and do everything to crack their loved ones.

The young girl tried to convince Chloe to live with Souleymane. Still, she refused and the teen got angry. So she went to live with Alex for a while, hoping that her mother would eventually crack. However, Judith didn’t endure living with her grandmother and Flore for long.

Thus, Souleymane’s darling is back at Chloé’s in Tomorrow belongs to us. Ingrid Chauvin’s character is glad his daughter is finally back. Still, Judith hasn’t given up on living with her boyfriend.

In the rest of the soap opera, Judith will get very close to Mona, Celeste’s new babysitter. Souleymane will be very helpful to the point of making her crack.


Judith is stubborn and just might get her way in Tomorrow is ours. So, she will do everything to make Mona fall in love with Souleymane and help her convince her mother to live with him. A well-scaffolded plan that will work.

According to an excerpt from TF1, Souleymane will help Mona take care of Celeste and will do everything to make her job easier. After leaving, Mona goes to give Judith a lot of praise about the young man. The latter will pretend to be proud to have such a helpful boyfriend.

“Do you think you could talk to mom about him?”, Judith will say. Mona will be somewhat surprised that the teenager asks her for such a favor. However, Maxime’s sister will insist and find the right arguments. “I think she will listen to you, she trusts you”.

Mona will be embarrassed, but promises to think about it in Tomorrow is ours. The babysitter will fall for the trap, even if this could end up annoying Chloe and causing a big argument with her daughter …


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