Tomorrow is ours: Judith finally meets her half-sisters!


Chloe has recently been in a relationship with Xavier in Tomorrow belongs to us. Judith will soon meet the daughters of the district attorney.

Chloe and Xavier have recently been in a relationship in Tomorrow belongs to us. Judith is going to face her two half-sisters and the current will flow between them very well. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Chloe goes a step further with Xavier in Tomorrow belongs to us. A few months ago, Judith’s mother gave birth to a baby girl, Celeste. Soon after, her relationship with Alex broke down and the SVT teacher filed for divorce. She indeed discovered that her husband had cheated on her with Flore.

A hard blow for Chloe who took a long time to recover from her breakup. Not to mention that she had to find a babysitter for Celeste. Now adapted, Chloe wants to embark on a new life. She plans to drop her teaching career to create jewelry. Then, above all, she is ready to find love again.

Not long ago, Chloe reunited with a childhood friend in Sète, Xavier. Martin didn’t really like the new prosecutor as he was looking for her while on the run. However, he made Chloe’s heart beat, who seems completely addicted to him. The two characters therefore began a beautiful love story.

After some big blunders and unspoken things, Xavier and Chloe are together in Tomorrow belongs to us. The two characters will pass a milestone in their relationship since Judith will meet Xavier’s daughters. However, the young girl could well be very surprised …

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Tomorrow is ours: Judith finally meets her half-sisters!


In the next episodes of Tomorrow belongs to us, Xavier’s daughters will land in Sète. The two teens will meet up in the same high school as Judith and will get along really well with her. Maxime’s sister will indeed forge links with Camille, who will be a very well-known influencer.

Judith will admire the photos of Camille and will ask her for some advice. The young woman will want to change her look a bit and will therefore ask her new friend to help her. Camille will be happy to go shopping with her and her sister Maud.

If we believe an excerpt from TF1 of Tomorrow belongs to us, Chloe will go with Judith to Xavier’s for official presentations. The DA is going to be a little nervous, as this will be the first time he’s introduced his two daughters to Chloe. The situation is going to amuse Maud and Camille a lot.

As soon as she arrives at Xavier’s, Judith will recognize her two new friends and will be very surprised. “I see that the introductions are made”, Xavier will say a little more relaxed. Chloe will then discover that Judith met Camille at the Spoon thanks to her Instagram account. “My daughter is really a celebrity then”, Xavier will say. Judith will in any case be happy to have two new stepsisters with whom she will get along well.


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