Tomorrow is ours: Judith and Xavier finally meet!


Tonight, in “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Chloe’s daughter will finally meet her mother’s secret love. In other words Xavier!

Chloe and Xavier are already separated, in Tomorrow belongs to us. Yet there still seems to be love in the air. And it’s not Judith who will say otherwise.

A few days ago, Xavier arrived in Sète in Tomorrow belongs to us. The new prosecutor is investigating Danielli’s death and is looking for Martin. Indeed, the latter finds himself suspected of murder and has no evidence to defend himself.

As soon as his suitcases were put down, Xavier wanted to find Chloe, his childhood friend. He always loved her in secret and found out she was divorced. Thus, the two characters spent a lot of time together and got very close.

However, her budding relationship with Xavier quickly ended, in Tomorrow belongs to us. Virginie called on Chloe and asked her to help protect Martin. The teacher is very attached to him and therefore agreed to help him. So, she hosted him for several days.

Following this, Virginie does everything to prove Martin’s innocence. The young woman thinks it can be demonstrated by her cell phone. However, she hasn’t been able to get a hold of it since the night of Felix Danielli’s murder.

But his efforts pay off in the end. After loading it, Virginie discovers the video she shot in the hours following the night at the Spoon.

Tomorrow is ours: Judith and Xavier finally meet!


You will understand, the revelation of Virginia allowed Martin to prove his innocence. So Chloe did not become an accomplice of a murderer.

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The latter therefore hopes to get off to a good start with Xavier. But the young man struggles to recover from his betrayal. According to him, their story is impossible.

“You can’t build a relationship without trust. The problem is that I have the impression that there is something else, it goes beyond the question of the lie ”, he explains, before concluding:“ I felt taken for an idiot. as a prosecutor, but also as a man ”.

But in the episode Tomorrow Belongs to Us tonight, Xavier visits Chloe to drop her a document, still unknown. The meeting begins with a joke (“I’m not hiding a fugitive this time”) then by introductions with her daughter, Judith.

Of course, the policeman didn’t go on forever. So Judith begs her mother to open the envelope. It looks like a sketch. “I think I found my new collaborator,” says Chloe.

To which his daughter replies, “Do you think this is a good idea? Professionally speaking? I toast you, this is your secret story! (…) And there he is clearly hitting on you “. This could awaken some memories in Chloe. Case to follow in Tomorrow belongs to us!


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