Tomorrow is ours: is Xavier ready to cheat with Sandrine?


Xavier arrived a few weeks ago and capsizes Chloe’s heart in Tomorrow belongs to us. Yet he could betray her.

Xavier put his bags down in Sète a few weeks ago in Tomorrow belongs to us. The prosecutor could well drop Chloe for Sandrine in the next episodes. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Chloe is going to be heartbroken once again. A few months ago, Chloe broke up with Alex in Tomorrow belongs to us. The SVT teacher discovered that her husband was an alcoholic and tried to help her. However, he preferred to take comfort in the arms of… Flore! A big betrayal for Chloe who decided to divorce.

Alex therefore lives at the farmhouse with Flore and everything seems to be going well between them. For her part, Chloe can count on Mona to take care of little Celeste. On the heart, she believed for a long time that she would not fall in love again. That was of course before I met the new prosecutor, Xavier.

Xavier and Chloe know each other very well in Tomorrow Belongs to Us since they were in high school together. In fact, the new character from the soap opera has always had a huge soft spot for her. So they flirted together and got closer in recent days.

Nonetheless, Xavier found out that Chloe helped Martin hide while on the run. He lived it very badly and felt betrayed. So the prosecutor wanted to take a break, but couldn’t resist for long. Still, in the next few episodes, he could hurt Judith’s mother a lot.

Tomorrow belongs to us: Xavier ready to cheat on Chloe with Sandrine?


Is Xavier really being honest with Chloe in Tomorrow belongs to us? The prosecutor seems to be a straight man in the TF1 soap opera and also cares a great deal about his childhood friend. However, in the next episodes, he will not hesitate to get closer to Sandrine.

TF1 has released an excerpt from an upcoming episode. Xavier is going to take a room at the Spoon and is going to isolate himself with Sandrine in the middle of the day. This will intrigue Tristan a lot, who will find the situation very strange. He is therefore going to talk about it to Roxane and Ulysses and will think that Xavier has an affair with the principal of the school.

“I think they’re having an affair,” Tristan will tell his colleagues. This will surprise Ulysses and Roxane a lot since Sandrine has been in a relationship for several years with Morgane. “They’re hiding something, that’s obvious,” the manager of the Spoon will add. Roxane, for her part, will be shocked to see that Xavier is cheating on Chloe.

“Me in the stories of adultery, there is nothing more that shocks me,” Ulysses will say. So, is Chloe going to be betrayed once again by one of her friends in Tomorrow belongs to us? After Flore, Sandrine could give him a nasty blow and ruin her love affair with Xavier. Unless the two characters prepare a surprise for Chloe and this is all just a misunderstanding? Case to follow!


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