Tomorrow is ours: Felix is making her comeback at Sète!


Fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us are getting a new storyline. Felix Danielli will be back in Sète. Jules, Virginie and Martin may well tremble in the days to come. Felix Danielli will make his comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us and will disrupt the lives of the three characters.

The Corkas family’s past will once again resurface in Tomorrow belongs to us. This week, the soap opera will close the plot around Sandrine. Indeed, a few days ago, Franck, Morgane’s brother was found dead at home and everything suggests that the headmaster killed him. However, the police are not at the end of their surprises.

Sandrine may not be guilty of Franck’s murder, but she is an accomplice. Indeed, it seems that it is Morgane who killed her brother and Sandrine came to his rescue. Since then, the two women have made a pact and are doing everything to cover themselves. Nevertheless, Aurore could soon find out everything.

So, on Friday, January 29, fans will be looking at a new storyline in Tomorrow belongs to us. It’s been a while since Jules is better and he finally accepted the relationship of Virginia and Martin. However, the sight of the teenager as well as that of his mother will soon change.

Mickäel Corkas died several years ago in the soap opera. However, Felix Danielli will make his comeback in Sète and Mickäel’s accomplice will not hesitate to approach in the rue Jules. The young man may well be surprised to see him in town.


Felix Danielli, Jules’s father’s former accomplice, will return to Sète. In an extract from TF1, we find Jules on the phone with Virginie. The young man will be delighted to learn that his mother will not be returning to Sète right away, as she has to deal with a business in Montpellier.

So, we can imagine that he will already be planning a little night out with his darling, Charlie. Nonetheless, his plans will soon change in Tomorrow is Ours. As he walks down the street, Felix Danielli will not hesitate to accost him. Jules will be very surprised to see his father’s former accomplice. “What are you doing here? ”

Felix Danielli will tell him that he came to Sète because he was looking for it. Jules will be very uncomfortable and pretend he doesn’t have time to talk to him. Nevertheless, Felix will block his way and will explain to him that he has things to say to him. “We have things to say to you and me,” he said threateningly.

So why is Felix Danielli going to be making a comeback in Tomorrow belongs to us? In any case, that does not bode well for the Corkas family. Especially since in a few days, a corpse will be recovered and the victim will be well known to the police. Martin will quickly recognize that it is Felix Danielli and he could be in the middle of a set-up …