Tomorrow is ours: Chloe ready to totally change her life!


Chloe gave birth a few months ago from Céleste in Tomorrow belongs to us. She doesn’t plan on coming back to high school.

Chloe has many questions about her life since Celeste was born. Judith’s mother is not going to resume her teaching job in Tomorrow belongs to us. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Chloe ready to put aside her career as a teacher in Tomorrow belongs to us? A few months ago, Judith’s mother gave birth to little Céleste. Soon after, she found out that Alex was an alcoholic and that he cheated on her with Flore. So, she decided to file for divorce and lives alone with her children.

For his part, Alex has moved to the farmhouse with Flore and everything seems to be going well for them. When Chloe no longer believed in love, she crossed paths with Xavier. Sète’s new prosecutor is a childhood friend of Judith’s mother. Thus, they quickly reconnected and Xavier always had feelings for her.

So fans of Tomorrow Belongs to Us could see the two characters flirting. They seemed very complicit, but things got tough between them. And for good reason, Chloe helped Martin while he was on the run for Danielli’s murder. Xavier felt betrayed that Chloe was protecting her former lover.

The prosecutor therefore decided to end his affair with Chloe. Martin is not going to hesitate to go talk to her and tell her that Chloe is a rare woman and that she deserves a second chance. Especially since she didn’t want to hurt Xavier by protecting him. Xavier could therefore choose to get back with her.

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Tomorrow is ours: Chloe ready to totally change her life!


Chloe and Xavier’s future is uncertain in Tomorrow is ours. Especially since Chloe has a lot to do since Celeste was born. She wonders mostly about her career and doesn’t seem at all motivated to go back to high school to teach. After all these adventures, she needs something else.

So what will Chloe do in the next episodes? Her maternity leave is about to end, and Judith’s mother is considering her future. She would like to stop studying in order to devote herself to jewelry creation. She will therefore decide to look into this project and will talk to Sandrine about it.

Sandrine has always thought that Chloé was creative. So she will encourage him to take the plunge, even if she will be sad not to see her in the halls of the school anymore. Chloe will however be afraid to start all over again, but Sandrine will be sure that her jewelry will be a big success in Sète.

So, without further ado, Chloe will start doing some sketches in Tomorrow belongs to us. She will however have trouble getting started and will meet Xavier at the Spoon. The prosecutor will take an interest in his work and even give him some tips on how to improve his drawings. Her help could do Chloe some good.


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